Meet Ups with Jason Lanier
Meet Ups with Jason Lanier

All Skill levels

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*January 17th and 18th- Phoenix, Arizona

Tuition- $25 and up

Meet Up Shoots with Jason Lanier

Meet up shoots with Jason Lanier are a great way to meet Jason and a bunch of other really cool photographers and pick their brain for fun tidbits and information.

Much less formal than one of Jason's workshops, the meet up shoots are designed to bring us all together for a moment in time to shoot a variety of different things.


2 hours of shooting at various locations.


*Comfortable Clothing and footwear
*All camera gear including tripod/monopod
*User's manual for your camera
*Bug repellent or sunscreen depending on the time of the year.


Wear correct clothing depending on the climate during the time of the workshop you are attending. If it's cold outside plan on it being a little colder wherever we shoot. If it's hot outside plan on it being a little hotter wherever we shoot. You might also want to bring a few extra pieces of clothing including sandals or something that may walk through shallow water or an extra pair of socks. Bring plenty of batteries and all lenses, external flashes, and camera bodies you own. Note: You must have a DSLR prior to the workshop to get the most out of the experience. I do recommend however that you don't buy any other equipment prior to the workshop.


I will choose the specific area of the location of the shoot prior to our workshop. I will provide you with a location to meet me at where we will shoot.


*Does the meet up shoot include any classroom time for editing instruction? No it does not. Please come to one of our 2-day workshops to be able to learn more about editing.

*Can I use my friend/family member as a model for the shoot? Yes you can, however you WILL NOT receive any of the images that I shoot from the session.

*Can I get the images that you (Jason) shoots as a copy?
Yes you can, but you will pay the normal price I would charge to one of my clients for the shoot. Some people want to purchase the images from my time with them and that is awesome. However this is not an opportunity to get me to shoot your friends/family members for free while you are receiving training. The fee is for the training, and any images provided from me would be treated at a normal shooting rate. If you'd like to use the opportunity to get trained and get a shoot done by me GREAT! Just let me know prior to the session so we can plan accordingly.

*Do I have to give a copy of the images that I shoot to the model? Yes you do, that is part of the agreement between you and the model for the shoot.

*Do I have to have a model release signed between me and the model for the shoot? Yes you do. You should get that signed between you and the model prior to providing them any images.

*What time are the meet up shoots done? Meet up shoots will vary in time and location and can be anywhere in Southern California as well as anytime Jason has a destination shoot or wedding.