Real Wedding Workshops
Real Wedding Workshops

Video footage is a documentary of a wedding that Jason Lanier shot at Disneyland in July 2011. This footage is intended to provide you with an idea of what shooting a wedding with Jason Lanier will be like. All REAL Wedding workshops will vary by location and the wedding couple but they are all REAL WEDDINGS. These workshops are not mock wedding shoots...they are the Real Deal.

Shoot a REAL Wedding with Jason Lanier, KEEP all the images you shoot for your personal portfolio, and have the time of your life. There has never been a more amazing way to get your wedding photography career kick-started than attending a REAL wedding workshop with Jason Lanier!

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*January 17th and 18th- Phoenix, Arizona

Tuition- $399

2-Day REAL Wedding Workshops by Jason Lanier

Have you ever wanted to shoot a wedding with an award winning photographer and get his pointers throughout the entire wedding? Have you ever wanted to shoot a real wedding at a venue where award winning photographers shoot? Have you ever wanted to attend a workshop and keep the images to build your own portfolio? Well, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!

Award winning photographer Jason Lanier is combining two of his key areas of expertise, shooting weddings and teaching photographers into 1 amazing workshop. The REAL Wedding Portfolio Building Workshop is your chance to shoot along side Jason, get help with your images, get instructions as the wedding unfolds, and KEEP the images for your own portfolio to show everyone just how awesome you are so you can go and book amazing weddings for yourself.

Jason carefully picks the weddings that he will use for workshops taking into account the ceremony and reception venues as well as insuring that the couple gives him the appropriate amount of time to allow the group to do an amazing couple shoot on the wedding day so he can take full advantage of everything the venues have to offer.

But that's not all! Jason has planned an engagement, bridal getting ready, and bridal shoots the day before the wedding (Friday- Day 1 of the workshop) so you can have a COMPLETE wedding portfolio of the wedding clients for your own marketing purposes.

BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THIS WORKSHOP CAN BENEFIT ALL SKILL LEVELS. For those who are just starting out this will be incredibly eye opening. For those who have shot weddings and are looking for that next step...THIS. IS. IT.


*Where is the nearest major airport? Pittsburgh, PA which is only a little over an hour away.

*Is there shuttle service provided? No there is not, you will need to rent a car or carpool with someone else that is attending. I try to keep the cost down and the best way to do that is by not making all the travel expenses inclusive in the price because different attendees have different budgets. We will certainly help you if you are looking for someone to bunk up with or for a carpool buddy. The meet up site enables you to send messages to all those who are attending so it's easy to find someone if that's what you're looking for!

*So do I get to use all the images I take at the workshop for my own use...really? Yep! That's the entire concept behind this specific type of workshop. I'm trying to help photographers to pursue their dream of having killer portfolios so they can further their career.

*Do I have to handle my own travel accommodations and expenses? Yes you do. I will inform the group of where I'm staying so they can be close to me if preferred.

*Do I have to pay the entire $399 upfront? What is the refund policy? Yes you do have to pay the entire tuition upfront. Refunds are provided only in the event that the workshop was canceled by Jason.

*I'm just beginning, will I really get a lot out of this workshop? Yes you will! I truly wish there would have been this type of wedding workshop available when I started because it would have saved me from making so many mistakes in my career.

*I'm a seasoned pro, will this help? Absolutely! Need to spice up your portfolio? Need to get out of the rut? Need an entirely different look and feel for your style and portfolio? This is for you!

*Is there any preparatory information or services provided before the workshop? Yes, Jason will hold online webinars with all paid attendees prior to the workshop to help prepare them for everything they are going to encounter.

*Are there any discounts if I bring a group? Yes there are! Jason will provide a 10% discount for any groups that book together that are 3 people or more.

*What is the maximum amount of people allowed? There will be a cap of 10 attendees to allow everyone time and space to get great shots. Jason has taught workshops for years to groups larger than 10 and is versed in making sure everyone has an opportunity to get great shots and learning experiences.

*Will I get to use the engagement, bridal getting ready, and bridal portrait sessions for my portfolio as well? Yep!

*How will I get a release from the bride and groom? Jason will coordinate a release between all the attendees and the wedding couple prior to the wedding workshop. You will receive a signed copy at the workshop for your records. There is no extra charge for the release.

*Are there any extra fees associated with the workshop that I should know about? Nope! Jason keeps it very simple. Jason's team will be shooting video and documenting the wedding workshop. That video will be made available for purchase after the workshop. You are not required to buy the video but if you want it, it will help you!