Supernatural Photography Shoots with Jason Lanier
Supernatural Photography Shoots with Jason Lanier

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*January 17th and 18th- Phoenix, Arizona

Tuition- $99 and up

Supernatural Photography Shoots
with Jason Lanier

Join Jason Lanier for a truly supernatural experience for a night you will never forget! This is a mix between model shoots and ghost hunting because we combine those two elements to provide you with an experience you truly will never forget.

Here's what we do. We take a few models into allegedly (some people believe, some people don't) haunted places and we shoot like crazy. We typically do a variety of themes for the shoots and tend to try and make these incredibly creative because we are in very unique places.

This is truly an opportunity to stretch yourself not only as a photographer but also as a person! These shoots are incredibly challenging and they will push you beyond your limits and you will be shocked with what you are able to capture. Jason teaches you all of his tricks including off camera flash, video lights, delayed exposure, multiple captures in one image, directional lighting, shadow lighting, and more. If you've ever wanted to make your images different, and want to learn ways to do it, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.

So how did Jason come up with this idea? I've never heard of anyone doing this...ever!

Years ago Jason became a fan of the series Ghost Adventures while he was editing pictures late at night. He always liked the locations they chose and the things they did, and became very interested in seeing if he could capture anything with his cameras like they did on the show with his knowledge and experience as a professional photographer. He was very interested to see what was real or fake through his eyes as a photographer more than anything.

So two years ago while watching an episode of this show he saw that they were investigating the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia. As luck had it Jason had a workshop planned for Morgantown, West Virginia in just two weeks from the time of watching that show.

So he googled to find out how close they were to each other and upon finding out they were only an hour away from one another, he called and made arrangements to do his first ever Supernatural shoot. He immediately fell in love with the idea because of the unique type of shots that he got and the fun he had getting them. He was hooked.

Since that time Jason has done these shoots in locations across the world including the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (3 times), Moundsville State Penitentiary, Don Vicente Inn in Florida, Edinburgh vaults in Scotland, Greyfriars Cemetery in Scotland, and more.

Don't miss our on this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity! You will not regret it!!

For a full list of gear, FAQ's, and more please see below.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT CONTACT THE PROPERTY FOR QUESTIONS AS THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANSWERING QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS SHOOT. Please review the FAQ's below and if your question isn't answered simply shoot us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm a religious person, will this bother me or be offensive?Nope! We don't play with ouija boards, we don't hold seances, we just go in there and have a blast. While we can't predict every single person's personal religious sensitivities we have never had anyone that felt bothered after doing one of these shoots. Jason himself is a religious man.
Why do you do these shoots in allegedly haunted places?Couple of reasons. Number one is because these places tend to be amazing locations to shoot as they provide awesome backdrops, backgrounds, etc. Number two is because they are very tricky and hard lighting conditions which enables Jason to help teach the group how to shoot in hard situations and to practice some trick/special effects photography. Number three is because it is truly an adrenaline rush!
How long do they last? They go from anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, just depends on the location.
I am a scaredy-cat, will I be able to do this?We have taken many scaredy-cats into these shoots and they are all typically holding onto Jason's arms from the start to finish of the shoot which doesn't bother him at all. We've had a lot of people say it helps them to conquer some fears they've had and makes them feel more confident.
What kind of shoots do you do? A lot of it depends on the location but we have done wedding themed, pin ups, angels, trenchcoats, and more. We do not do "evil" type of shoots. We don't do gory, exorcist, etc. types of shoots.
Is anyone going to try and play tricks on me, or jump out to try and scare me?Nope, we discourage anyone from acting in this manner for those who do believe in the Supernatural and don't want their experience tainted by others doing "fake" things.
Do we stay together as a group or go off on our own?For safety sake we always stay together on these shoots as a group.
Who determines what we do and shoot?Jason is in charge of the entire shoot and determines what we do. It's always a blast.
Are we alone or do we have a guide/tour from the location with us? When doing these shoots we always have the permission of the location. The vast majority of the time we have a guide unless it's a small location and a guide isn't needed.
Do you allow those who believe in the paranormal/supernatural to have fun and let them see if they can collect any proof of the after life via video, photography, or audio?Yes we do! We don't discourage this at all as we always have a mixed group of believers and skeptics, which actually makes for the funnest groups of all. Jason personally has 2 infrared video cameras that record the session so we can see if we capture anything spooky.
So have you ever caught anything paranormal? Yes we have. Jason's video cameras and audio recorders have picked up voices, noises etc. We have yet to see anything but we might on your shoot with us! We have had many of those who have come swear that they were grabbed or pinched. One time a model chastised Jason for grabbing her backside (which he wouldn't have done) while walking up a staircase and Jason and everyone else were all 5 steps down from her. That was a fun night....:) The model was shocked to see that nobody was behind her.
What gear do I need? Will it be a waste for me if i don't have all the gear that Jason has? Typically no one has all the gear that Jason has, so don't worry there. Even if you have minimal gear you will still benefit greatly from using the light provided by Jason's video lights, reflectors and more. This is also a great way for you to see Jason using his gear in action which will help you understand what you want to purchase for yourself!
Ideally what's the good starting point for gear that I should bring? A great starting point would be your camera, a tripod, and an external flash.
Is transportation provided? Typically these bonus shoots are done on the evening of one of Jason's workshops. If you are attending Jason's workshops and traveling with the group then transportation will be provided. If you are only attending the bonus shoot then you will need to make your own transportation arrangements.
See you soon!

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